Beautiful missing piece

I was the missing piece

All this while.

I’m finding myself,

And it’s beautiful!

I was, am, and will forever remain:
the beautiful missing piece!

Prisoner Of Hope

I do see the fire.

I feel it’s furry.

I hear it’s fierce interaction with the breeze.

But, I don’t know how to be scared of it.

I’ve lost my ability to fear.

And so I step in it.

And although it’s still alive,

I don’t see nor feel it anymore.

All I see is the other end.

The end where the ocean whispers to me all day long.

I’m not immortal,

I’m just a Prisoner Of Hope!

A smile from another because of me!

Oh hi my fellow world mates, found something…

Moving about doing stuffs around the house as usual when my brother asks for my help. My usual self had prepared a “sorry! I’m busy!” reply when I swallow the words in even before they spilled out and with just a little taught I decided to actually help him out…

Now I made his heart blush with a smile as he got the help he had needed…

Didn’t stop there, nope! So didn’t. I felt that feeling that I don’t get everyday. That feeling that says “yeah my humanity isn’t dead, I’m a good person, God! that felt good”.

Yep it sure did, and that was just my brother, what if it was a poor hungry child or an old blind man or a sad bullied kid. I’d have an even greater dose of that feeling cos I helped someone else, it wasn’t just all about me this time, love left me to heal someone else. Now it could be anything ranging from the smallest act of kindness, love or compassion I could ever show anyone from my heart. The feeling of knowing that someone else is happy because of me, that someone else doesn’t think the world is so bad because of me, that the heart of another blushes with a lovely broad smiling face and it’s because of me.

Now that’s a priceless feeling…


Looked like one of the easiest words to pronounce,so how do I manage to give it so many faces that it all of a sudden starts to look so complicated…

I taught real hard, real deep. I figured out a lot, one of which was;

I didn’t create life and therefore can’t figure it out all by myself…

#GOD…what you got for me#